How to get involved in maternity services

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Lincolnshire Maternity Voices is the new maternity forum covering central Lincolnshire. They are a committee of service users, service user representatives, midwives, doctors and commissioners, working together to review and contribute to the development of local maternity services.

The volunteer service user reps meet monthly to review issues, plan themed sessions or arrange focus groups. You can also find the user reps out in the community collecting feedback from women and their partners about their experiences of using local maternity services. Feedback can also be given via online survey, when they walk the patch on our postnatal wards or through one of their focus groups.

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Amanda Pike MVP ChairHi I’m Amanda Mummy to 3 smashing small people aged 8, 6 and a very cheeky 1 year old. By trade I’m a family photographer but before that I was a cabin crew on a long haul carrier for almost 16 years.

I have a really varied experience of pregnancy birth and beyond. From horrific to AMAZING in and out of the county. I’ve had the late loss of a son and sadly subsequent bad/frightening treatment during his birth. A very traumatic birth with long lasting effects following that experience. A lovely c section but complications with my wound, followed by some really terrible treatment on being re admitted with the problem. However I finally had a birth experience that healed my heart at Boston last year (Sept 2018) sadly baby had some time in NICU so I experienced that side of things too. 

However I now have first-hand experience of how healing and helpful a good birth experience can be. I truly wish everyone could and it’s the main driving force behind me becoming the MVP chair of Lincolnshire. I look forward to meeting all involved along the way and hope that together we can help give a voice to mothers and families across the county to improve services because the only way we can do that is by listening to you, because you matter.

Amanda Pike

Lincolnshire MVP Chair

Feedback Collection

When we collect feedback we are interested in all of a woman’s care around the time of pregnancy and following birth. We ask for women to tell us the following:

  • What was good about your experience of care?
  • What, if anything, wasn’t good?
  • What ideas do you have for improvements?

MVP Meetings

Our meetings bring service users and professionals together to discuss the maternity system and respond/action feedback from members of the public.