Three New Surveys Now Available

Health and Care professionals have been working together as part of the LHAC programme to design a new model for Lincolnshire which would enable people to access the right services at the right time now and in the future. We aim to build this on local and national evidence and best practice, based on the experience of professionals, patients, service-users and carers. There are no easy answers to the challenges we face in this sector but we are committed to working to create a health and care system which is sustainable for the future.

South West Lincolnshire CCG Encourages Immunisation Uptake

As families prepare for their children to start school South Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group is encouraging parents to ensure their children’s vaccinations are up to date. The aim is to increase vaccination coverage by raising awareness of the importance of immunisation to parents, carers and the families of children.

Going on Holiday - What to Take With You

Going on holiday is exciting, with lots of things to plan, but taking certain essential items can help maximise your time in the sun. It may not be top of your planning list alongside passport and tickets, but a visit your local pharmacy before heading off either home or abroad should feature in your preparations.

Migraine Prevention and Recovery

Migraines affect 8 million people in the UK and the World Health Organisation has rated it among the most disabling lifetime conditions. But it’s still very much a misunderstood condition, which at its worst can leave people incapacitated for 24 hours – with sufferers often reporting they have to lie down in a darkened room for two or three hours.