Lincolnshire’s Transforming Care Conference

On 19th June 2017 South West Lincolnshire attended Lincolnshire's Transforming Care Conference at Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln.

The aims of the conference were to:

  • Show and celebrate the good things that are happening in Lincolnshire
  • Give people a chance to tell you their story about their health and care and about getting out of hospital and back into their community.
  • Share the work that staff have been doing to support people with a learning disability and/or autism in Lincolnshire.
  • Share the good practice that has been happening in Lincolnshire
  • Celebrate what we have achieved already, the hard work we have all put in and the fantastic people who have made it all happen.
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Amy Hodson (Expert by Experience, SWLCCG) & Sharon Jeffreys (Chief Commissioner, MH, LD & ASD, SWLCCG) welcomed everybody and co-chaired the event

During the conference several speakers and guests presented or performed covering a wide range of topics including;

  • Callum Brazzo, a local 25 year old autistic performance poet and TEDxNorwich Speaker, performed some of his fantastic poetry.

  • Fionn  Morven (LPFT Learning Disability Service Manager) & Helen Alcock-Towse (Community Home Assessment and Treatment (CHAT) Team Coordinator) presented about transforming Lincolnshire's LD services
  • A parent – Elizabeth Elvidge gave an inspiring presentation about her journey with her 2 sons who have learning disabilities, ADHD, autism and challenging behaviour. The presentation discussed how key themes of Transforming Care have impacted their lives.

  •  Jo Minchin (Expert by Experience, SWLCCG) gave a presentation about the importance of working with autistic people when developing services for them or making general practice accessible.

  • Lorraine Abbott (Expert by Experience, SWLCCG) presentated about annual health checks for people with a learning disability. Lorraine talked about her patient experience of her annual health check, what makes a good/bad health check and recommendations for health staff involved in annual health checks.

  • David Boath (Adult Care and Performance Office, LCC) presented about what him and his team have done to help commissioners make decisions about Adult Social Care. Dave’s presentation touched on how his team supports a smooth transition into adult services, using needs analysis for LD and autism, their vulnerability matrix to target services at those who most need support and predicting the future using free online tools. 

  • Rachel Kitchen (Ward Manager, Discovery House, LPFT)  presented about improving mainstream mental health inpatient care. Rachel’s presentation discussed the work she and her colleagues do on the three mainstream wards at Discovery House, supporting Transforming Care mental health inpatients in their rehabilitation. 

  • Richard Eccles (Integrated Personal Commissioning and Personal Health Budget Lead) presented about Integrated Personal Commissioning and Personal Health Budgets. The presentation discussed how IPC and PHBs in are empowering people in Lincolnshire and improving their health and wellbeing. 

  • Clive Parry and Patryk Kosmala gave a presentation about advocacy in Lincolnshire. The presentation discussed the principles of advocacy in the Transforming Care context, the outcomes advocacy can achieve and how advocacy can help to deliver the Lincolnshire TCP plan.
  • Linkage Choir gave an excellent and fun filled performance

Before the event closed staff were awarded for their excellence of playing a key role in transforming care in Lincolnshire.

Finally Aukestra, who are fully live music act made up of autistic and non-autistic performers based in Gateshead in the North East, who gave amazing live performances to open and close the event.


Thank you to everyone who contributed and attended. Congratulations to award winners.
All of you made this a very sucessful conference

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