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Following a bid by the Federated Safeguarding Team, for the four Lincolnshire CCGs, for non-recurrent funds from NHS England, we are really pleased to announce our success and the subsequent implementation of our project Safeguarding Ambassador’s across both care homes and domiciliary care settings to enhance safeguarding practice.

The initial proposal was to improve engagement with care home providers/managers and staff in empowering them to promote safeguarding, undertake safeguarding training and lead on safeguarding within their own care homes/domiciliary care settings, empowering individuals and improving outcome for patients.

The Safeguarding Ambassador role across the organisation will also enhance and streamline safeguarding practice in order to ensure consistency, up to date competency and confidence in providing advice and support to staff. The essential responsibility, however. remains with the registered manager.

The Safeguarding Ambassadors have subsequently enrolled in the programme to support them to deliver their organisations’ own safeguarding policies and procedures, and to introduce the new Lincolnshire Multi-Agency Safeguarding Adult policies and procedures implemented in April 2018. This has enabled agreed protocols that are evidence based practice on national, regional and local guidance.

As a result of the initiative we have over 85 Safeguarding Ambassadors in care homes and domiciliary settings with a further cohort due to engage in the programme in July 2018.

The initial feedback from the newly engaged Safeguarding Ambassadors has confirmed these forums and contacts now gives a platform for adult care home settings/domiciliary care settings to have improved safeguards in place by professionals who now have easy access to guidance on how to recognise and respond to abuse.

It has enabled both the safeguarding adult named professionals and MCA and DoLS named professionals to have improved engagement with care home providers/managers and staff in empowering them to undertake the safeguarding and MCA training, and lead of safeguarding within their own care homes, empowering individuals and improving outcomes for patients.

Future events will continue to work in improving knowledge of health and multi-agency professionals of the Adult Safeguarding and MCA/DoLS agenda and continue to improve practice skills, which will improve health outcomes for patients. This also enables improved person-centred safeguarding practice, which builds on the existing work around already in place with Making Safeguarding Personal.


Updated 12/06/2018