Policies and legislation

The Criminal Justice and Courts Act (2015)

The Criminal Justice and Courts Act (2015)12 came into force 13 April 2015 (applying to offences committed after this date) and includes both individual care workers and provider organisations in offences of ill-treatment or willful neglect. Section 20 of the Act makes it an offence for an individual to ill-treat or willfully neglect another individual of whom they provide the care by virtue of being a care worker. A “care worker” is defined in the Act as anyone who, as paid work, provides social care for adults or health care for children or adults. The ‘willful’ element of the neglect offence connotes that the perpetrator has acted deliberately or recklessly. Similarly, ‘ill-treatment’ is a deliberate act, where the individual recognised that they were inexcusably ill-treating a person, or else were being reckless as to whether they were doing so. Genuine errors or accidents by an individual would therefore not be caught within the scope of this offence. This care provider offence can be committed by a range of organisations, care homes, hospitals, GP partnerships.

pdf Safeguarding Adults Board Multi Agency Policy and Procedures (755 KB)

Children Act 1989 & 2004

The legislation which underpins safeguarding polices and procedures in England

The Care Act 2014

The Munro Review of Child Protection 2011: Final Report

pdf Safeguarding Children Policy (885 KB)  

pdf Safeguarding Adults Policy (815 KB)  

pdf Mental Capacity Act 2005 Policy (772 KB)  

pdf Policy for Managing Allegations of, or Concerns about Possible Child Abuse
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Further guidance can be found here: 

General Medical Council

The GMC produces guidance for doctors on ethical and legal aspects of practice and is currently consulting on new Child Protection guidance

NICE Safeguarding and Child Protection Guidelines

NICE sets the standards for high quality care across health, social care and public health


A practical guide and series of tools to help GP practices embed a culture of safeguarding into the work of the practice

RCPCH Child Protection Companion and Reader

Detailed guidance for Paediatricians and other professionals on the medical and health aspects of child protection

Working Together 2015 guidance