NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard

Statement of Commitment

NHS England’s decision to establish a Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) across all NHS organisations, including commissioners, is reflected in this Statement of Commitment.

South West Lincolnshire CCG is fully committed to creating an inclusive workplace that is free from discrimination, where all our staff are empowered to thrive and flourish based on their diverse talent.  This is evident through our organisational values, shown through our robust recruitment processes, support for team working and wellbeing in the workplace and active awareness of Equality and Inclusion requirements within our workplace.

South West Lincolnshire CCG recognises that the leadership of the WRES must come from the Governing Body and has accordingly appointed the Head of Engagement and Inclusion as the Governing Body representative for Equality, Inclusion and WRES.  The Governing Body also requires its Quality & Patient Experience Committee to review the WRES data, and that of our providers, identifying any areas for development and reporting back to Governing Body at least annually, giving updates on progress in overseeing and implementation of the Standard.

South West Lincolnshire CCG will collate, review and publish WRES data, where appropriate, against the 9 metrics (document below).  A summary of findings and progress will be reported within our Equality and Inclusion Annual Report.

Our obligations:

  • The Governing Body to understand the principals and metrics of the Workforce Race Equality Standard
  • The Governing Body to record an annual update of WRES actions and progress
  • WRES to be discussed annually at the Quality & Patient Experience Committee
  • Data will be gathered across the organisation for all 9 metrics for the WRES at 1st April 2015 and annually thereafter
  • The workforce findings to be published on the SWLCCG website by 30th April annually
  • To analyse the annual findings and consider any significant gaps and produce an action log on how we can bring in improvements where practical
  • To work collaboratively with Optum CSU Human Resources

The Governing Body will ensure through overview and reporting at its committee meetings, that our organisation is:

  • Giving ‘Due Regard’ to using the indicators contained in the Workforce Race Equality Standard to help improve workplace experiences and representation at all levels within our workforce, for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) staff
  • SWLCCG will need to ensure that they receive timely advice, support and guidance from Equality and HR workforce specialists in the collation and interpretation of the data where held centrally and within the CCG.

Workforce Race Equality Standard Metrics can be found here.